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13-01-10, 01:05
I am having trouble getting vistalite to run on the custom made VXMMI, made in china sold all over Europe. It's branded VXMMI in most places

I have managed to run wolfncu after altering a few files and adding fonts.

But I just can't get vistalite to run on this machine

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Has anyone with this unit managed to get vistalite to run

I have put all the files in the root of the SDCard.
I have tried to change the HBS txt files and failed

Please can anyone help


13-01-10, 12:45
Hello Lee, sorry about the Greek i will try to explain here :D

Παίδες, έδωσα το link για το VistaLite σε ένα αγγλικό φόρουμ για ΟΠΕΛ και το παλικάρι προσπαθεί να το περάσει αλλά αντιμετωπίζει κάποια προβλήματα. Έχει την προηγούμενη έκδοση απο αυτό που έχω εγώ οπότε η μόνη βοήθεια που μπορούσα να του δώσω είναι απο τον οδηγό που έχετε ανεβάσει.
Απλά τα αρχεία που έχει είναι διαφορετικά απο τα δικά μου οπότε δεν μπόρεσα να τον βοηθήσω όσο έπρεπε γιατί δεν μπορώ να πειραματιστώ.

Όποιος έχει την όρεξη να του απαντήσει και δεν ξέρει αγγλικά μπορώ ευχαρίστως να βοηθήσω :D

Lee you can see the last email that i sent you, and try to post here your screenshots with the SD Card and your HBS.txt file

13-01-10, 16:19
I have produced two screeenshots of the SDCard to show all files
The HBS.txt and HBS1.txt files were on the original SDCard for Igo8 and were needed to run the program from the VXMMI.

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[Only the registered members can see the Link URLs. Please Login OR Register]

HBS.txt reads:- \MMC_Storage\igo_pna.exe

HBS1.txt reads:- igo_pna.exe\Flash_Storage\BMP\backgroup2.BMP

Also this was the same when I installed Wolfncu onto the SDCard and to get that to run, I had to leave the HBS and HBS1 txt files in the root and also rename the woflncu.exe to igo_pna.exe

This worked and woflncu ran from the NAVI button on my 2Din head Unit

I just can't seem to get vistalite to run. I think it might have something to do with the references made about SDCard as mine is called MMC_Storage. Maybe I don't know.

I'm sure if I can run wolfncu using mortscript then vistalite should be able to do as well.

One other thing to get wolfncu to run I had to add fonts as this is a Chinese unit so I added the fonts from the original SDCard with igo8 to the wolfncu in the root of the SDCard

That works fine, but would much prefer vistalite to run one or more SatNav programs and MP3 player

Any help would most welcomed

Many thanks


14-01-10, 23:59

Just an update for some help

I changed the MobileNavigator.mscr file to igo_pna.mscr to see if this helps

Before that it just stopped at the blank screen, but now it comes up with some errors, so it might be I am getting somewhere, but now I am really stuck

I get small window pop up with error. It reads like this

Couldn't copy '\skin\system\toolhelp.dll to '\windows\toolhelp.dll
Line 34 ( \MMC_Storage\igo_pna.mscr ):
Copy ( systemfolder\toolhelp.dll , \windows\toolhelp.dll )

Then when I click ok it has another error

ProcExists ' requires toolhelp.dll on your device
Line40 (\MMC_Storage\igo_pna.mscr):
If (ProcExists('PVShell.exe'))

What does this mean and how can I make it work


15-01-10, 00:42
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try to copy-paste the toolhelp.dll from \Skin\System to your device"s "windows" folder

15-01-10, 09:42
I did think about this as it made sense, but I would need to have access to my devices window folder. I can't gain access to the operating system on the device.

Or do you mean create a windows folder on the SDCard

15-01-10, 10:04
Does your device have a windows folder? I can't see the operating system on the specifications and i think that we should start from that. What for operating system this device has?

15-01-10, 10:22
I think when I used wolfncu I was able to see windows and I believe it was CE4.2

I am going to run wolfncu to have a quick look at the device

15-01-10, 10:51
Hi again.

Just put wolfncu back onto the SDCard and run that.
From there I can access windows on the 2din head unit
In the control panel the system info states it's windows.net.CE4.2

So I suppose I could try and copy the files the program says it can't copy itself over to the windows directory on the 2din head unit

With it being a car 2din head unit and not a hand held device it's more awkward

So Beagle, what do you reckon. Should it be possible to get this running.
Why do you think the vistalite program can't copy these files from the system folder to the windows folder on the head unit?

Hope you can help

15-01-10, 13:02
I do not really have experience on devices like this and how they work. Why you want to copy anything inside the windows directory? I think that VistaLite doesn't ask that. Try these:

1) Copy VistaLite folders exactly as they come from the original file on the main root of an empty card.
2) Copy on the main route the file HBS.txt (i think HBS1.txt is not needed)
3) Open HBS.txt and write:- \MMC_Storage\skin\MobileNavigator.exe (instead of the path that already has)

Try again now and tell me the result.

15-01-10, 13:35
I will give it a go, but I'm sure I tried that.
If you open up the original mobileNavigator.mscr file it does instruct the program to do that. Why I don't know, but that is from the original download source written by Peterant.

I did PM Peterant but haven't had a response. Not sure if he understand any English

I will let you know


15-01-10, 14:35
Peterant is missing these days, I'll respond when he returns.

15-01-10, 15:09
Well I edited the igo_pna.mscr file and took out all that choose theme stuff and instructed the file just to look for the systeminformation.exe

End of .mscr file now reads

PlaySound( MMC_Storage\"WAVE\DING.WAV")
SleepMessage( 3, "VistaUltimateMenu By Peterant...Wellcome!!!!", "", 1)

So what it then does is displays a white screen with 'Vistalitemenue By Peterant...Welcome" and counts down from 3 to 1 then the screen goes blank and I imagine is then trying to run the SysytemInformation file

That file I assume calls the SysInfoSettings configuration file

Inside that configuration file it says


So when I look at that file which you can find within vistalite folders. I have renamed the Alert_set_visual234 file to Alert_set_Visual.ini so it nows which one should be right for my screen resolution which is 480x234

But nothing happens the screen stay's with the original picture when it first boots up

So something has to be wrong with the SysInfoSettings configuration file for me.

Can anyone look at that and see why it doesn't run

15-01-10, 15:27
Did you try what i told you?

15-01-10, 15:32
Just tried that and I think I've gone backwards as it just freezes at the main screen of the unit.

The mobileNavigator.mscr file just tries to do so much. When you look at it it wants to give you the option to set your screen resolution, so it will work on different products that use different screen resolutions.
Once it's established that it then wants to run the systeminformation.exe file
So that's where I have got to. The config files and .mscr files with all the instructions in them just confuse my system

Not sure where to go to next

15-01-10, 15:40
I can't think something else, i suggest to wait peterant to return and see if he can helps, he created VistaLite after all so i guess that he will find something.

15-01-10, 15:42
Okay thanks Beagle

Panosha - any idea when he may return?


16-01-10, 09:48
Hello again,

I'm following how I believe the files should run and looking at the instruction files ( config files, and mscr files ). But something is missing for me. My machine can obviously read these files but it's breaking down somewhere once it's finished reading the MobileNavigator.mscr and executing the MobileNavigator.exe

Is there anyone who has any other ideas for me to try

Thanks you so much


18-01-10, 21:08
Dear Lee. Sorry for the delay, but serius obligations keep me away from the site for a long time.
The method to run VistaLite in your device is the same like all the others,that means :
First Method:
1.Unpack and put all the folders in the root of your SD Card
2.Open HBS.txt and write:- \MMC_Storage\skin\MobileNavigator.exe (instead of the path that already has), as Beagle told in post 10.
If this dont'work for you, try the Second Method :
1.Unpack and put all the folders in the root of your SD Card
2.Rename igo_pna.exe to
3.Copy the files
MobileNavigator.exe,MobileNavigator.mscr,MortScrip t.exe,MortZip.dll,setup.dll located in folder named Skin and paste them in the root of your SD Card.
4.Rename MobileNavigator.exe to igo_pna.exe and MobileNavigator.mscr to igo_pna.mscr
Note1: As I see from the photos you've uploaded in post 3, the endings of the files do not appear.You must change that from your computer and if you don't, the renaming of the files that I said, you should be done without showing the outcome .exe and .mscr, that means you will simply write igo_pna in both files.
Note2: Do not change anything from MobileNavigatorf.mscr, since VistaLite through this file automatically recognizes the name of the card and the screen size of each device and the error message mentioned in post 4, probably due to incorrect storage of files and folders of VistaLite in your SD card.
Good Luck!

20-01-10, 19:25
Hi Peterant,<O:p</O:p
I thought I had tried this as you have mentioned. So I gave it another go and the same problem exists and I’m back to the same place.<O:p</O:p
Here is what I did.<O:p</O:p
Took the original SDCard that came with the head unit which had IGO8 installed. Unzipped the contents of vistalite and put into the root of the SDCard.<O:p</O:p
Renamed igo_pna to igo_pna1<O:p</O:p
The HBS text file reads \MMC_Storage\igo_pna<O:p</O:p
I also tried it as \MMC_Storage\skin\igo_pna<O:p</O:p
Copied the 5 files from the skin folder and pasted them into the root of SDCard. This obviously wanted to replace the existing Mortscript.exe, Mortzip.dll and setup.dll<O:p</O:p
I then renamed the MobileNavigator.exe and MobileNavigator.mscr file to igo_pna.exe and igo_pna.mscr ( left out the .exe and .mscr as you suggested )<O:p</O:p
When I switch on the head unit it starts up with the prompt screen of the unit to ask whether I want to run ‘NAVI’ or ‘ADJUST’ adjust is just to set the screen positioning.<O:p</O:p
When I hit NAVI, I get the same problem as before<O:p</O:p
Couldn’t copy “\skin\system\toolhelp.dll”to“\windows\toolh elp.dll"<O:p</O:p
Line 34 (\MMC_Storage\igo_pna.mscr): <O:p</O:p
Copy(systemfolder\toolhelp.dll”,”\windows\tool help.dll”)<O:p</O:p
I assume the igo_pna.mscr file is trying to copy the toolhelp.dll file to the head units windows folder which again I assume is on the NandFlash memory of the unit<O:p</O:p
If I then click the ‘ ok ‘ button the next error reads<O:p</O:p
ProcExists “requires toolhelp.dll on your device<O:p</O:p
Line 40 ( \MMC_Storage\igo_pna.mscr): <O:p</O:p
If (ProcExists(“PVShell.exe”))<O:p</O:p
So am I right in thinking vistalite needs to copy the toolhelp.dll file into the windows directory to get things moving. Without it in there it can’t operate.<O:p</O:p
Does this suggest the igo_pna.mscr file can’t write to my headunit. Is there something I must do first to make such a program have permission to write to it.<O:p</O:p
We know my head unit can run mortscript applications as it works fine with wolfncu<O:p</O:p
When I installed wolfncu onto my SDCard I just had to change the HBS.txt file and rename the wolfncu.exe and wolfncu.mscr files to igo_pna.exe and igo_pna.mscr<O:p</O:p
Not much different from what’s happening here.<O:p</O:p
One thing Peterant. Wolfncu did need both HBS and HBS1 files in the root to run.<O:p</O:p
So I have tried this and still no luck.<O:p</O:p
I did manage to manually copy and paste toolhelp.dll into the windows directory when I put wolfncu back onto the card and ran widnows from that. So the file now sits in the windows directory.<O:p</O:p
I’m very disappointed because I can follow exactly what’s required and what the vistalite program is trying to do, but I can’t make it run<O:p</O:p

20-01-10, 20:12
Try this:
Copy toolhelp.dll located in folder Skin/System and paste it in the root of your SD, among the other files. Put also another copy in the folder Applications/MortScript
-Download the Attachment file,unzip and replace the igo_pna.mscr (originally called MobileNavigator.mscr), located in the root of your SD.
-Restart your device.

21-01-10, 00:17
Thanks Peterant,

I think I'm now at the point where I was when I gave up, but hope you can move beyond this point for me

The error I now get is

Couldn't copy
"Skin\ThemeChoose\Inis\480x234\SysInfoSettings.ini", SDCard\"Skin\ThemeChoose\SysInfoSettings.ini",1)

What could I try next, as I think I'm close to getting it working



24-01-10, 09:11
Still not happening for me.
I have the setup as Peterant suggests but it still stops with an error when wanting to copy systeminfosettings.ini accross from one folder to another.

Anyone have any ideas



17-02-10, 07:24
Hi all,
I'm new on VXRonline.
I bought a VXMMI for my GMC Terrain (Antara) in Abu Dhabi. It's a great unit but even though I've followed instructions on how to write (on SD card) HBS.txt it always says warning "unable find HBS.txt"
I would like to use the UAE maps for Igo8, the files for WOLFNCU or Vistlite but this warning is all I get.
Any advice please?
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